Saturday, November 27, 2010

                                                I looked up at the sky
                                                And something caught my eye
                                               A tiny bright light
                                               Oh! What a sight!

                                              I wished it came closeby
                                             It didnt,-  I wondered why!
                                              I called out to it
                                              But there was no reply.

                                               Then suddenly, it came fluttering by
                                               Now it was not so high
                                               Down it came and made me merry
                                               And then I knew it was a fairy! 



  1. great!
    ok I made this one....
    I wish I could fly,
    high in the sky,
    I wish it were true,
    that one day I really flew,
    I wish I had wings,
    fit for great kings
    One day, I know I will fly,
    but first for that I wil have to try!

    by Tara Durbha (your Cousin)

  2. I have made a poem just now :

    Title : OOOOOO what a poetic family ;

    We are a poetic family, all your grandfathers,grandmothers,uncles,aunties brothers,sisters,nephews,nieces and me.....

    In Chorus ;OOOOOO what a poetic family ,
    OOOOOOOO what a poetic family,.......

    Next ...I forgot what next ......:-(